When Emily and Brian saw Zeus on our website, Emily knew immediately that he was the dog they were looking for.  But by the time the home visit was performed, Zeus had already been adopted, and Emily and her family had a trip planned.  We explained that we couldn’t hold dogs, and another family who was farther along the adoption process had decided to adopt Zeus.  So it was agreed that Emily wouldn’t meet or pick out any dogs until the family returned from the trip.  Although her perfect dog had been adopted, while Emily and her family were diving back from their trip, Emily called to schedule meet and greets for the following day.  When Emily arrived at the boarding facility the next day, she had a dog in mind to meet.  She and one of the girls were quickly falling for another young male dog we had.  Before she could make a decision, though, she was told that Zeus had been returned that very morning and was now available for her to adopt!  A look of disbelief and stunned silence hung in the air.  Once Emily recovered, she quickly made arrangements for her husband, Brian, to come and meet Zeus and bring their little dog Kalua too.  The rest, as they say, is history. Everybody, including Kalua, thought Zeus was the perfect fit for their family.  So as you fit right in like you have lived there forever, the one thing you still have to do is to wag on, zany Zeus, wag on.  Click here for more photos!

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