When VSR pulled Ziggy from the local kill shelter, her tail was wagging.  But it was wagging for a reason different from the happiness of being adopted.  Ziggy was abandoned in a empty house, then held for 10 days at the shelter.  Like all our rescues, Ziggy’s first stop was the vet clinic.  That’s where it was discovered that she had giardia.  So when Richard and Genie expressed their interest in making Ziggy a member of their family, they were quite disappointed to find out they would have to wait until she was healthy.  So Genie made the trek from Henderson every day to visit the isolated girl.  But as soon as Ziggy was given the all clear from the vet, she was finally able to meet her new standard poodle sisters.  They seemed like they had known each other their whole lives.  When a Waggin’ Tail story takes this long to finally happen, all that’s left is for you to wag on zippy Ziggy.  Wag on.   Click here for more photos!

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