7 Year Old

Welcome new boy Blue. At 7 he’s still got an incredible amount of playful energy and so very much love to give everyone he meets.
Blue came to us when our local shelter reached out about several Sheps they had in need. One of these was Blue whom one our our amazing dedicated volunteers had met and knew to be the best boy, so Blue we chose.
He’s in definite need of a diet and has started one to try to help him shed some pounds and become the healthy and fit boy he’s meant to be.
He seems potty trained so far and knows some basic obedience commands, rides well in the car, and does well on a leash. He is just all around happy. He can occasionally get the grumps when he sees another dog but corrects easily. We will be doing some testing to see what kind of dogs he will work best with, but so far it seems to be laid back submissive types.