7 Year Old

Let’s all please give a big VSR welcome to our new 7 yr old female Luna.

You wouldn’t be able to guess her age at all because she has such great energy when she’s in her element. This sweet girl just wants to be a part of everything going on around her. She is great with children and gentle and loving. She's a true family Velcro dog.

She’s learning to adapt with us at the rescue house and decompressing at the moment but has still allowed all handling and pets from all of our wonderful volunteers. She loves to hang out in the living room dog bed and just watch what’s happening as we work.

She has displayed zero destructive behaviors so far and has been able to be trusted to live outside a kennel and just in a room when there are times we aren’t present. She doesn’t seem to be particularly vocal so far, but she’s also still settling in.

Dog testing will be done to see if she can be successful with a pack mate or not and what size and energy works for her. We will update her bio as we learn more about her. 

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