2 Year Old

Approximately two year old Mischa is a gem of a dog.  

She’s got energy for days and would benefit from someone with an active lifestyle where she can join in on fun activities like running, hiking or swimming. She loves to play fetch with her stuffed animals and loves to play in water. 

She’s got basic obedience and does well on a leash with some guidance from her human.  She gets super excited when she sees another dog, but is particular about her bigger doggy friends so a proper intro is always needed. She’s the best puppy wrangler and will play and play with any small dogs who will let her. She does occasionally forget her size, but is easily corrected in those moments.

Mischa has so much joy in her that she always seems to be smiling big and wide and is always happy to see her favorite people. She is a cuddle bug with lots of love to give and would do well in a big active family. Mischa is everyone’s friend, even if they don’t know it until they meet her.  She’s super smart, picks up things quickly and would likely excel at some kind of dog sport.  

Apply today to foster or adopt this beautiful happy girl.