Our Vision

Vegas Shepherd Rescue provides a lifeline for abandoned, surrendered and abused German shepherds.

We will not settle for mediocrity – not in our members, volunteers, facility or adopters.  Our commitment to the highest quality of care for our dogs will not waiver.  We will continue to educate and inform the general public and our followers with information to support the breed. Our love and passion for the German shepherd dog drives us to do what is best for them. To treat each dog as if he/she were a member of our family and act in their best interest.

VSR is dedicated to finding the positive in every negative situation that is thrust upon us.  We build on those positives through hard work, compassion and a desire to stay optimistic, even in the tough times. We will focus on the tasks at hand.  Our goal is to answer the question, “What can I do today to make a difference and help this dog?”