Works of Fur

Recreate a famous work of art featuring your favorite pup!

Works of Fur Calendar Challenge: 

Join us in the Works of Fur Calendar Challenge by recreating a famous work of art with a twist. What is the twist you ask? Incorporate your furry friends into the artwork! You can use items around the house and pose your pup, photoshop a masterpiece or paint your fur babies into a recreation. We're excited to see what you come up with however you choose to honor the artwork and your pup! 

For additional inspiration, check out the Getty Museum Challenge 

To do: 

Choose your favorite artwork
Choose your medium
Get your pup involved
Recreate the artwork 

Now what?

Register for the Works of Fur Calendar Challenge by clicking here. Once you have successfully created your vision, email it to The winning images will be featured in our 2022 calendar. All proceeds for the calendar will go towards helping our orphans. 

What picture resolution do you recommend?

We recommend using images that measure at least 1600x1200 pixels or greater. Generally pictures taken from a 3 mega pixel or greater camera should have no resolution problems. And don't worry, any phone newer than an iPhone 4 has a mega pixel higher than 3. If you're looking for optimal results, please use photo dimensions of 11.29 x 8.79 inches at 200dpi (using an sRGB color profile) for full bleed images. 

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