5 year old

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Audrey Shepburn, our 5-6 yr old female with a superstar name, is looking for a family of her own.

She came to us from our local shelter with a severe wound extending from her flank to her ankle.  It was initially thought that she might need surgery after the infection was brought under control.  Thanks to being able to heal in a foster home with wound care, she appears to be healing on her own.

She is so far friendly to small calm dogs.  Intense personalities or reactive dogs can cause her to react at times, however she is easily corrected and listens very well.  She is potty trained and loves to play with her humans.  As she has healed, her genuinely fun loving personality has come out more and more.   She is good with all humans she has met so far and is outgoing and sweet by nature.

She did a but of counter surfing as her leg healed and she started exploring but she listened to corrections and has stopped that behavior in the foster home.  She is not destructive and is excellent with kenneling when necessary to use one.  She loves to go for walks and to cuddle at night when its time for bed.  She’s got about a hundred kisses a day to give when she loves you.  You don’t want to miss out on adding this sweet girl to your family.