2 Year Old

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Welcome handsome, 2 year old Bane to the VSR family. He’s got a little decompressing to do but has been a good boy so far.

He’s not super toy motivated but loves to chew on bones and carry them around. He doesn’t love being in a kennel but is learning to acclimate.

Bane appears to be potty trained and well behaved. He loves to bark at new people and try to show how brave and tough he is but seems to have no follow through, just noise. It's the same when he meets new dogs, although his previous family said he did fine with them after a proper introduction. We will be testing that to see what kinds of dog friends he might like best, if any.

He’s a great cuddler and loves attention and affection from his humans. He is ready for his new forever life to start. Apply today to be his forever best friend.

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