5 Year Old

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Please welcome 5 year old Bogey to VSR!
Bogey came from a high kill shelter in Arizona. He's been friendly so far to all he meets and quite the vocal boy. He loves to ”talk” to you, similarly to how a husky would, and it’s absolutely adorable. All who have met him have loved him right away.
He seems totally non-reactive to dogs, but we have not fully tested him yet. He traveled with two others without issue though, side by side in kennels. He also was bopping them through the kennels very sweetly. We’ve only had him a day, but he hasn’t had an accident yet and has done well with being in a run.
He loves couch cuddles and nom-nomming a toy while laying next to you. We’re guessing he’d make a great movie buddy. He arrived with an ear infection, so we are treating that, and he’s very tolerant of his eyes being cleaned and medicated.
He was born without tear ducts. It's actually not a big deal. Dry eye is manageable with cleanings and twice daily meds, all of which are inexpensive and some are over the counter.
We will update as we get to know more about him.