8 Year Old

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Look at this insanely gorgeous boy! 8 year old Dillinger has the energy of a 4 year old easily. He’s an all around great dog.

He’s super loving and friendly to his humans. He’s been known to be a bit protective in the past but has not displayed any of those tendencies yet with us. He likes to boop you with his head for attention and lay with his head in your lap. He’s definitely a clinger but also loves to explore our big yard.

So far he seems potty trained and well-behaved on a leash with a small amount of pulling, if you don’t remind him of his manners. He responds very well to correction and has great basic obedience overall.

He seems relatively unfazed by other dogs his size but further testing will be done to determine what his best match might be. We are very much looking forward to getting to know this handsome boy.

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