2 Year Old

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They say it takes a village and it has taken all our village and more to make this happen.

Our friends at Henderson Shelter reached out about this sweet boy who badly needed a Hail Mary because he was wasting away, and shelters are not equipped to deal with the level of illness he has. They could not bear to consider euthanasia simply because they had no resources for him or solutions.

Frei (free in German) FKA Tech is only 2 years old and a loving, sweet boy. He’s a petite guy at under 50 pounds right now because of his condition. This boy is long coated and will be absolutely stunning once we get him well.

He has megaesophagus secondary to vascular ring anomaly or persistent aortic arch. He will need a trip to the specialty center for proper diagnosis followed by surgery. Post surgery he will be on crate rest for 3 weeks. We were bless enough to get former adoptors, Stephen and Tami, to foster this baby while he goes through treatment and heals.