10 year old

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Geliebte, or Gilly (or G) as we affectionately call her, had a mammary carcinoma and hormone based cysts when our local shelter reached out for help.  All have been removed and she requires no furt
her treatment at this time except love and good care.    She gets healthier every day and is putting on weight and getting the most beautiful coat again.  She needs a home and family of her own. Are you her hospice foster or adopter?

There is honestly no definitive time before the cancer could return.  It could be several months or even years with the right care possibly.    That part is mostly up to Mother Nature but there are holistic/homeopathic options out there that can help with long term care and health and there are things that can be done medically as well when that time comes and it does return.

What we CAN tell you is that she is a happy, loving girl who adores her furry foster siblings and enjoys being a part of a pack.  She is wonderful with humans she meets and a calm, gentle girl by nature.   Don’t let her age or what she went through fool you.  This girls got both sugar and spice according to her foster mama.  She likes to do a bit of roughhousing with her pack mate even.  She’s a tad picky about her food, but hey, she deserves a bit of pampering.   She even enjoys playing ball and seems to like water and loves a good car ride.   She has a youthful exuberance that makes her a joy to be around.

She’s got so much spunk and life left in her and we at VSR want to see her live it out in total comfort and happiness, going on adventures and having lots of treats.  Think you’re up for lots of love and giggles and walks and the most amazing new best buddy?   When you meet G, you will realize why she means so much to us and why we just had to change her story to a Yappily Ever After.