5 Year Old

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Welcome the gorgeous Honey to our VSR family.
She’s the perfect age at 5 years young. She's playful, fun and loves toys of all kinds, especially if they make noise. She loves a good bone too!
She’s a good sized girl at 70 pounds. She’s had obedience training and walks well on a gentle leader, unless she sees a cat. Cats seem like something yummy to chase and catch, so no feline friends for this girl.
She can, however, be dog friendly in most situations unless the dog is reactive to her, and then she wants to show them what a tough girl looks like. She’s shown no resource guarding and will bring her home up on the couch next to you and chew contentedly.
This sweet girl needs to decompress a bit. She’s had a rough journey since her mama passed away. She needs a family of her own, one who's willing to be patient while she settles into a new life. She can pace a bit and be anxious at first, but it’s nothing that structure and time won’t fix.