2 Year old

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Hudson recently came to VSR in partnership with another rescue partner and he’s a fantastic example of his breed.

At 2 years old he is still all playful quirky puppy and full of spit and vinegar.   He’s vocal and fun and loves to play with his humans and get cuddles more than anything else.  He will run and chase and play and interact quite a bit.  He can be slightly mouthy when he gets overstimulated but not too hard.

He’s a quirky boy who will bark at reflections or shadows on the walls outside sometimes.  He has good house manners and is potty trained.  He’s the tidiest boy we’ve had in awhile and keeps his kennel area spotless and doesn’t even muss his blankets.  He is not destructive or anything of the sort and is a very good boy.

He can be strange in his choosing of new humans and quirky about making friends.  Sometimes he’s entirely open to it and sometimes he comes across as unfriendly at first.  He’s a bit protective of his favorite humans and will guard if given the opportunity.  He’s got so much live to give once he gets to know you.  This handsome devil is well worth meeting.  He has not had any successful dog relationships yet, and so far he prefers to be the only furry king of the castle.