5 Year Old

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Meet 5 yr old Leyna (little angel,) fka Rosie, who was under the care of our very special friends at Henderson Animal Shelter Adoptable Pets after her owner fell ill, was hospitalized, and could no longer care for her.

This sweet girl came into the shelter at 28 pounds and only gained about 6 pounds since her intake in July, despite multiple attempts at treatments. She ended up slated for euthanasia because of her very poor body condition and because she simply wasn’t improving no matter what they tried. However, when they got her on the table, they just could not do it. This girl is so sweet and wonderful all the way around, they decided they just weren’t ready to give up yet and reached out to us to see if we could help.
After hearing the description of her illness, we suspected we knew what it was and asked for her to be tested for EPI. The test came back positive. Learning her story and knowing that’s a condition easily managed once under control, we knew we had to take her in and get her what she needs and give her a chance at the best life possible. 
This little angel is nearly a unicorn. She's good in playgroups, insanely loving and sweet, and loves toys and kennels. She rides great in a car and is great on a leash.  She’s truly a DREAM of a little Shep. She deserves the opportunity to get healthy and have the long, happy life she’s meant to have.
Her initial care will be pricey between veterinary care, specialty food, and the enzymes necessary to get her healthy, but we have started her care and will help her potential new family. 
 Our wonderful friends Pan-tenex - Enzymes For Dogs have offered to help with again and guide her journey to wellness and a healthy life with her very manageable condition. Her adopter will receive a lifetime discount on enzymes thanks to Pan-tenex.
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