7 Months

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This playful, goofy girl is 7 month old Lola.
She is a virtual unicorn of a dog. Friendly to big and small dogs but a rowdy playmate. Friendly to humans and full of a playful nature and lots of affection. She loves toys and running after them.
She will be looking for her forever home when she recovers from her spay. Lola is in heat and we often do not recommend spaying during estrus because everything from the uterus to the blood vessels are swollen and prone to being both more fragile, and bleeding significantly more. The recovery is also harder on their bodies.
In Lolas case, it is being done because her family needs a solution for her because they cannot keep her and taking in a female in heat to the rescue house is not an option. She is young and healthy and will likely do just fine and be ready to come to us at VSR a few days after.
You don't want to miss out on this absolutely great little female. You can apply to adopt Lola at