8 year old

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Micah recently lost his daddy through no fault of his own.   He has Perianal Fistulae and has been having a bit of a hard time.  He was with the same owner nearly all of his life over the past 8 years.   He’s been having problems coping with that loss.   He is undergoing treatment for his condition so we can get him as healthy as possible for adoption.

Micah was able to go to a foster home.  At first he was stressed and anxious and confused, but he came around and showed all the love he has to give.  He is friendly to small humans so far and seems less reactive to calm small dogs.  He does not seem to be a fan of dogs his size.   He’s a dream of a dog for the right family.   He walks well on a leash once he bonds to you but can be reactive to barking big dogs.

He will require a lifetime of management of his condition but he’s fantastic about allowing handling and easy to care for.  Once his condition is under control, it will be relatively simple to manage.