3 Year Old

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3 yr old Milo has come so far in his training and rehabilitation, that his trainers and handlers are confident that he could now happily and successfully live in an experienced home.
Milo’s journey is quite the story. Involved in a home invasion, inappropriately taught by his owner to protect with his teeth, and then abandoned by his owner two times really did a number on his behavior and reactivity level when it came to meeting strangers.
What a difference training can make!  With him, it's taken long term consistency and tough work with some great trainers to help get him to the point where he no longer reacts poorly as long as a proper introduction is done. He no longer sees every human as something that might hurt him and enjoys many friends now. For a dog who used to take quite some time to get to know and gain his trust, he has turned in a great dog citizen now.   
In all other ways, his behavior is exemplary and he loves playtime, other large dogs, trips to parks and stores, fetch for days, and lounging in the pool.  He can do Netflix and chill or go for a weekend hike. His favorite days are the ones he gets to go home with his trainer and wrestle with his other shepherd friends. He is fantastic with other dogs.
His generous, long time trainer will be donating his time to continue training Milo along with whomever adopts him to ensure he continues to be the best he can be and to keep him moving forward. If you’re an experienced working dog owner and want an amazing boy, please reach out to set up a meeting today.  
You can apply to meet Milo at the link below.
Milo is one of our Long-Term Residents. To contribute directly to his care, please click the Donate Now link below.

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