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Shy little Pearl who’s daddy passed away, is in a foster home learning life is OK again.

So far she’s starting to come out of her shell and explore her foster home and interact with her foster parents.   No longer hiding in her safe space, she prefers to lay in the middle of the living room where she can see life around her.  She’s done well with a kitty sibling so far, even taking cues when kitty says back off.

She’s starting to learn what its like to be a pup again and gets super excited when its time to take up and see her humans in the morning.  She always does her business outside and even learned to go to the door to ask to be let out.

She loves chicken and will do anything for a bit of yummy stuff.  She’s treat motivated and knows a few commands so far.  She walks well on a harness and even moves into heel position.  So far her foster parents say she’s an all around good girl.   She was picked on by her pack mate but would do well with a calm, confident packmate to guide her rather than bully her.