Ragnar <br> 10 month old <br> Male

10 month old

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We are in total love with new boy Ragnar.  This one eyed pirate puppy will steal your heart in an instant.  At about 10 months old he is still all puppy and puppy energy.

This handsome fella came to us from another rescue.  He lost his eye from another dog attacking him at 8 weeks old.  He doesn’t know any different and does just as well with one eye.  After that he was bounced from home to home 3 times before winding up safe in the arms of rescue.

So far he has shown himself to be super playful,, a lover of fluffy toys,, and full of so much love to give.  He’s great in the car too and on a leash..  We look forward to getting to know him and will update his bio as we do.