4 Year Old

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The handsome 4 year old Remi has been overlooked far too long.
He’s potty-trained, has great obedience and is an all around good boy. He’s super athletic and plays a mean game of catch and fetch as well. He loves nearly every human he meets on sight (furry friends not so much). However, he can now tolerate walking by other dogs without reaction. He just doesn’t want them in his personal space.
He’s a great hiking buddy and LOVES outdoor adventures, especially when water is involved. He’s a water baby all the way and ready to dive right in without hesitation. He’s great in the car and always ready to hop right in to go somewhere.
Remi needs a hero, someone to be his best friend(s) and adventure buddy(s). How can anyone resist that happy face and cute flopper ears?!! He’s a volunteer favorite at the rescue for many reasons.