3 Year Old

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This beautiful 3 yr old female is Sandi.

Abandoned in the back yard by her family, she had run away multiple times and was brought to the shelter. On one of those instances, the shelter was unable to take her, so we boarded her at our vet. We had her shots updated, and a spay and chip done.  She ended up going back home only to get out again. This time no one came back for her.

We are determined to make sure this girl is never left alone again. We want the very best home for her where she will get to live inside and be a part of a family. Shy and sweet with a ton of love to give, all this girl wants to do is be physically connected to her favorite humans. She is a true Velcro dog and loves to cuddle more than anything.

We are still working on getting her to come out of her shell and build her confidence after all the changes in her life. So far, she doesn’t seem to mind making new friends of all types.  She’s good on a leash and doesn’t seem to mind car rides at all. Apply today to bring this gorgeous girl into your life.
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